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Today, Québec is a place to connect and create that is highly valued by talented people around the globe. That’s because ideas are expressed freely and can collide, flourish and become realities in Québec; because Québec is both peace-loving and assertive, forward thinking and proud of its roots, northern yet warm and inviting, rich in contrasts. Québec is autonomous in areas within its constitutional jurisdiction and bases its international action on the extension of its powers within the Canadian federation.

Quebec Where the sky's the limit

Québec Where the sky's the limit (4,61 MB)

Study in Quebec

Study in Québec (6,06 MB)

Quebec Panorama

Québec Panorama (4,96 MB)


Programs for Qu�bec students,
            scholars and professors

Programs for Québec students, scholars and professors (560 KB)

Qu�bec : A Partner for Decarbonizing the American Economy

Québec : A Partner for Decarbonizing the American Economy (3.0 MB)



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