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The Québec Government Office in Chicago represents the Québec government in 12 states across the Midwest. This mandate involves working on a wide range of commercial, economic, political, environmental, and cultural matters of interest to Québec and this region of the United States.

Québec and the United States: Prospering together

Bilateral trade

Bilateral Trade

$66 billion

Québec is the
United States’ 10th largest trading partner



$3.4 billion

Spent each year by
Quebeckers traveling to the U. S.


Québec Presence
in the U. S

More than 12 000 Québec
companies do business
in the United States

Job Creation

Job Creation

255k jobs

Over 250 000 Americans
work for Québec-owned businesses
in the United States

Covered territories

South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.


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Hoola One Showcases at Great Lakes Commission's Annual Meeting! November 11, 2020 First tested in 2019 on Kamilo Beach in Hawaii, Hoola One has found instant success with the first version of its machine which cleans beaches of plastic and microplastic pollution. In the fall of 2020, the Hoola One team will finalize the design of the second innovative version of its technology,...
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First Virtual Trade Mission for the DQC! November 9, 2020 The Québec Government Office in Chicago led a series of virtual meetings to promote clean technologies in the Midwest, highlighting Québec's expertise in sustainable mobility and green technologies.
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Martine Hébert on USMCA at SelectChicago's Virtual Conference September 23, 2020 Our head of office, Martine Hébert joined colleagues at the SelectChicago FDI Virtual Conference on how our office is helping Quebec companies export and invest in the Midwest, and more precisely in Chicagoland, within the context of the new USMCA. Thank you to our colleague Karla Ruth Orozco...
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Literature: Noires Amériques January 26, 2021  to  February 23, 2021 | Francophonie The Quebec Government Office in Chicago invites you to attend Noires Amériques, a series of five literary conversations facilitated by Rodney Saint-Éloi with five renowned writers – Lilan Thuram, Patrick Chamoiseau, Chloé...
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Cinéma: Le Goût d'un Pays au Great Northern Festival January 28, 2021  to  February 7, 2021 | Arts and Culture The Délégation of Québec in Chicago looks forward to presenting a screening of The Essence of a Country (Le Goût d’un pays), directed by Francis Legault, as part of programming for the Great Northern Festival of Minnesota. “The...
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