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Inaugurated in 1972, the Québec Government Office in Brussels seeks to promote Québec and its interests in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, as well as within the European institutions

Covered territories

Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.


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Several theaters from Québec offer their productions in webcasting, thanks to a $1 million grant from Québec gouvernment September 23, 2020  to  October 23, 2020 | Arts and Culture As part of the Digital Ambition program, Compagnie Jean Duceppe received $1 million from the Government of Quebec for the creation of a webcasting toolkit. Visit the websites of the theaters associated with the project to view the...
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Setar player Kiya Tabassian at the Philharmonie Luxembourg January 17, 2021  to  January 17, 2021 | Arts and Culture At age 14, Kiya Tabassian emigrated with his family to Quebec from Iran, bringing with him some initial musical training in ancient Persian music (setar and vocals) and a fledgling musical career. Determined to become a musician,...
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CANCELLED - HUSH - In Henry's dream machine, a collaboration between the playwrighter from Québec Mélanie Dumont and the... December 23, 2020  to  December 27, 2020 | Arts and Culture What did Henry Purcell dream about? Did he sleep well at night? Did he even have time to sleep at night, he who composed hundreds of works? We'll never know. No letters about it have been preserved. But his music was. And it...
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