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Economic Affairs

The objective of the Department for Economic Affairs is to increase the number of Québec exporters and the volume of exports towards the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). It also supports the development of collaborations in the fields of research and innovation.

Our services are for:

  • Québec companies that want to develop their business or explore market opportunities.
  • Québec companies and research institutions (universities and research centres) that want to develop partnerships in science and innovation

Here are some of the ways our services can support your business in the UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries:

  • Provide sector advice and personalised market intelligence
  • Access to major events within the jurisdiction of our core territories
  • Assist companies and research institutions in building partnerships, strategic alliances, scientific collaborations or technology transfer agreements
  • Participation in trade missions and access to the Québec booth at select trade shows and events

Speak to our Economic Affairs team!

Dominic Toupin Director – Economic Affairs

+44 20 7766 5923
Isabelle Botfield Project Manager and Assistant to the Director - Economic Affairs

+44 20 7766 5923
Patrick Philip Economic Affairs Attache

Sectors of responsibility:
* Aerospace, Defense and Security
* Land and Marine Transport
* New Materials and Plastics
* Chemistry (petrochemicals and industrial bioproducts)
* Nanotechnology and their applications
* Life Sciences (Natural Health Products - Medical Technologies - Biotechnologies)
* Optics - Photonics
+44 20 7766 5922
Onur Devrim Economic Affairs Attache

Sectors of responsibility:
* Metallurgy, Mines and Forestry
* Technologies (software and services - telecommunications, fintech and artificial intelligence)
* Video Games (multimedia) and Creatives Industries
* Professional Services
* Industrial design
+44 20 7766 5931
Isabelle Ward Economic Affairs Attaché

Sectors of responsibility:
* Aerospace, Defense and Security
* Agri-Food
* Consumer Goods
* Construction, Eco-construction and Wood
*Environmental technologies and services (energy efficiency - residual materials management - water and soil treatment)
* Smart Cities
+44 20 7766 5929
Jean-Christian Lemay Research and innovation attaché

+44 20 7766 5933
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