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Cultural Affairs

The principal mandate of the Department for Culture is market development for Québec’s artists and cultural industries across all artistic sectors in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic countries.

Our services are for:

  • Professional artists and cultural organisations in Québec interested in developing their market, establishing partnerships or collaborating with partners from the territory we cover.
  • Local cultural professionals programming internationally or wishing to collaborate with Québec partners.
  • Cultural organisations (venues, galleries, festivals, para-governmental organisations, etc.) working internationally

We fulfil our mandate by:

  • Offering personalised advice and strategic support
  • Planning and financially supporting work trips for local buyers, programmers, presenters or journalists  to discover Québec’s cultural offer
  • Organising market development activities (round table and networking events, launches, etc.)
  • Developing and maintaining cooperation agreements and artistic residencies
  • Collaborating on cultural showcases in growth markets
  • Promoting Québec’s cultural offer and expertise

Speak to our Cultural Affairs team!

Ingried Boussaroque Director for Culture

+44 20 7766 5915
Marie Morin Cultural Attaché

Sectors of responsibility:
* Cinema
* Digital Arts
* Circus
* Theatre
* Visual arts
+44 20 7766 5916
Andrew Bailey Cultural Attaché

Sectors of responsibility:
* Dance
* Literature and publishing
* Music
+44 20 7766 5914
Marc-André Boyer Project Manager and Assistant to the Director

+44 20 7766 5930
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