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Francophone and Multilateral Affairs Delegation

Sommet de la Francophonie XII Sommet de la Francophonie, Vieux Québec 2008, Photo : David Cannon Zoom in image "Sommet de la Francophonie"

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The mandate of Francophone and Multilateral Affairs Delegation is as follows:
  • Maintain and develop ties with diplomatic representatives of the member states of Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF);
  • Cultivate relations with OIF and the operating agencies of La Francophonie: Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), TV5, Senghor University in Alexandria, and Association internationale des maires francophones (AIMF);
  • Ensure Québec is actively represented within the various OIF bodies: commissions, working groups, and the Standing Council of La Francophonie;
  • Develop ties, in areas of interest to Québec, with key multilateral organizations such as the OECD;
  • Promote and defend Québec’s interests in institutional and diplomatic circles, especially with regard to the French language, culture, cultural diversity, education, and climate change.

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